Pooja Bhatt Gets Trolled By Netizens For Defending Priyanka Chopra On Quantico Fiasco

1:29 pm 12 Jun, 2018


Priyanka Chopra is having a hard time at home ground facing criticism from the audience for doing an episode of the TV series Quantico. This thriller drama features PeeCee in the lead role as an FBI agent. Though she is trolled before due to her role, this time people are enraged. This particular episode of the series showed ‘Hindu terrorists’ from India trying to frame Pakistan by dropping a nuclear bomb in an American city. Now, Pooja Bhatt got entangled in the fiasco too.

Since few days, the netizens are coming with all sorts of negative tweets to show their anger. Though few fans have tried to take a stand for Priyanka Chopra, none of her colleagues in Bollywood came to her support. Recently, Pooja Bhatt tweeted supporting the actress putting forth a valid point.



In her tweet, Pooja raised the question that when we rejoice at Priyanka’s success and claim her achievement as our own, then it’s hypocritical that we criticize her for someone else’s work. We think she has a very good point and it’s about time people stop targeting Priyanka Chopra with negative comments. Here’s the tweet:


As expected, the trolls of Twitter started commenting on this post opposing her. Here are some of the tweets:









Thankfully, there were few who supported Ms. Bhatt, as well as, Priyanka Chopra. They showed their backing with these tweets:






What do you think about the entire fiasco? Is Pooja Bhatt right?