Pooja Bhatt Slams Salim Khan’s Defense Of Salman’s Rio Ambasaddorship

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7:18 pm 27 Apr, 2016

Salman Khan is officially refusing to leave controversies behind him. Twitter bugs and media lashes ain’t stopping Sallu!


Salim Khan had earlier slammed Milkha Singh on Twitter when the latter opposed the move to make Salman Khan India’s goodwill ambassador for Olympics 2016.



Milkha Singh defended his side of the story by issuing this statement:

“If they have any function, will they put any sportsmen as their chairman or ambassador? I gave my story for Re 1 and it is not a little thing. The movie made crores.

“I want to ask has Bollywood ever made any sportsperson an ambassador for any of their mega event?”


And now, Pooja Bhatt, daughter of Salim Khan’s best friend Mahesh Bhatt, has Tweeted some serious backlash on Salim Khan.


Eagerly awaiting Mahesh Bhatt’s words!



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