Twitterati Brutally Roasted Pooja Bhatt For Supporting New Delhi Archbishop’s Letter

4:27 pm 23 May, 2018


Archbishop Anil J T Couto, a few days ago, sent a letter to priests and churches in Delhi asking them to launch a campaign for year-long prayer for the country. He claimed that the prayer should be done to protect India’s democratic principles and secular fabric ahead of 2019 general elections.

While many objected to this letter that was trying to mingle politics and religion, Pooja Bhatt decided to take the opposite path. Before knowing what she said, here’s the letter that Couto wrote:



The actress took to Twitter to say that she agrees with Couto. Further adding, she sees nothing wrong with the letter. This is what she tweeted:




Quite expectedly, the Twitter reacted calling out her hypocrisy in the matter:







There were some who also indicated the incident of Rahul Bhatt. He is Mahesh and Kiran Bhatt’s son who gained unwitting notoriety after he was discovered befriending one of the accused of 2008 Mumbai attacks.





The others commented on the association of her family with former ruling party:







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