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Forget Humans. Now Dogs Can Perform Amazing CPR Just Like ‘Poncho’ Did!

Published on 30 June, 2018 at 4:01 pm By

Dogs are a man’s best friend and they can easily melt your heart with their ‘puppy faces’ or adorable cuddles. But ‘Poncho’ the police dog has different reasons to make you smile. He’s not only a Officer police dog (known as a K-9) but is now a celebrity. In addition to offering companionship to his owner, he’s well trained in taking on special tasks as a police dog, like comforting his human friends affected by trauma or another special task.

As evident in this newly released viral video, the special task which ‘Poncho’ the police dog is trained at, is what humans do effortlessly – performing Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).




A video was uploaded by Spanish Police which has caught everyone’s attention. It shows Madrid Police Department conducting a routine CPR drill performed by a K-9 unit, and Poncho is indeed, the star in it!



In this 40-seconds short clip, ‘Poncho’ the police dog stunned everyone with his “heroic” performance. In this viral video, his police handler fakes a cardiac arrest.



It’s then that Poncho jumps (literally) in action to rescue his officer. Like a super hero, he’s clad in a police dog harness, complete with blinking blue lights:




Poncho’ is officially registered with the Municipal Police of Madrid and immediately strung into reviving his handler, who kept up the good act of being unconscious.



Once the dog realises the seriousness of the situation, he frantically pounces on his master’s chest in desperate effort. Like in CPR, he stops only to check the man’s breathing periodically.



In fact, the determined pup carries out this process with some very serious high jumps, just like this one:



In a tweet, the Madrid Police praised ‘Poncho’ for his selfless act. The police also applauded the dog with an adorable caption which meant  “partners with 4 paws.”



The video, which was originally posted to Twitter by the Madrid Police, has been viewed over 2.3 million times by now and the numbers is still counting.

Watch ‘Poncho’ the police dog in action.



Meanwhile, it’s important to note that not just dogs, but cats can perform CPR too! Click the Twitter link below to understand more:





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