The Cars Of These Political Offices Don’t Have Registration Plates. Find Out Why!

6:15 pm 14 Jun, 2018


According to the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, it is mandatory for all vehicles to display registration plates. The seller issues a temporary registration number at the time of sale of the vehicle. This number is valid for 30 days. The vehicle owner must register the vehicle with the Regional Transport Office within this given time frame. Everyone adheres to these requirements except for some political offices which don’t comply.

Yes, while almost all of the vehicles on Indian roads bear a number plate in the front and the back; vehicles belonging to some political offices sport the national emblem instead.


A black sedan sporting the national emblem in place of registration number plate. Source



One ought to question, who has extended this privilege? And to whom? Well, the answer is neither that difficult nor that surprising.


The official car used by Governor of West Bengal. Source

The current protocols allow the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) India to use cars which have the national emblem instead of number plates. The MEA uses these cars to transport foreign officials and dignitaries visiting India. Hence the special security protocol, many believe.

But for past many years, vehicles used by President of India, Vice-President of India, and the Governors of all Indian states and some others have remained exempt from the compulsory use of number plate, and have been sporting the national emblem instead.


It seems like these political offices have taken the protocol and generalized it on their own. But this might all, soon come to an end.

The Government of India (GOI) in its bid to eliminate privileged treatment to politicians has already gotten rid of the red beacons. And it seems like the use of national emblem instead registration plates is next. In fact, President of India Mr Narendra Modi‘s vehicles already bears number plates and not the national emblem.


Here is President Modi’s motorcade with regular registration plates in place. Source


The GOI on April 1, 2017, banned the use of red beacons in all vehicles. The only exemptions are the vehicles used by the President and the Vice-President of India, the Prime Minister of India and also the Chief Justice of India.


We are hoping for a similar concrete solution, Soon.

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