UP Female Constable Who Took Her Baby To Work Is Being Transferred, And The Reason Will Warm Your Heart

7:36 pm 29 Oct, 2018


There was a time when the potential of a woman was restricted only to motherhood. With changing times, the strong women are acing the game of responsibilities on both personal and professional life. Yes, today is the story of such an inspirational lady who showed us that if there is a will of facing the challenges then there is nothing that can stop us. Are you wondering what this lady did? Well, this is the story of the policewoman who took her baby to her work. Yes, the tale of a cop mother.

You might be wondering that what is so unique about that? Well, constable Archana took her 6-months-old baby to her office, so that she can watch over her while taking care of the work at the station. If that is not worth praising, then we don’t know what is! Before we give any info, take a look at the adorable picture.



The picture of the policewoman who took her baby to her work instantly gained popularity among the netizens. While some suggested building a crèche, others asked her boss to support her in a better way. Here are some of the comments that showered praising her efforts.






Archana Jayant was posted in Jhansi when this picture gained virality. Soon after, the Uttar Pradesh Director General of Police transferred this cop mother to Agra, her native place. Not only this, but he also told that the department has started exploring crèche options in police line.




There are still people out there who never fail to criticize women if they try and balance their role in professional and personal life. This kind of determination to balance both as shown by the policewoman who took her baby to her work is worth praising. What do you think?

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