JK Police Starts Controversial Survey On The Basis Of Religion, Sect And Faction

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Updated on 7 Sep, 2017 at 3:13 pm

Jammu & Kashmir Police are conducting a survey to collect data about exact geographical location, religion, sect and faction from the people in Srinagar-the summer capital of state. In turn, the police have faced harsh criticism over this. Some people have accused it to be an ‘infringement’ in the personal lives of people of Kashmir.

The forms have been given by police asking people to fill it up which asks them for personal details including family members, mobile numbers and monthly income of individuals.

Surprisingly, through the handout, police are also seeking information regarding son-in-law in the family.

The residents have called this move as fishy and unnecessary.



TopYaps spoke to some of the residents about this, who questioned this step of the police. “What does sect has do with the security? This is the breach in the private life,” said a resident of Srinagar on the basis of anonymity.

The strange and shocking thing about the survey is that it has asked people about their religion. In Kashmir, majority of people are Muslims and to ask about the religion is quite strange and an unpopular thing.

Another resident of Srinagar said that he was shocked to see a column in the form which asks information whether the family has any militant or separatist link.

The residents have called it a direct intervention into their private life.


While talking to TopYaps, Moulana Ghulam Rasool Hami of Carvan-i-Islam, a religious organisation in Kashmir, termed this survey as unfortunate. “We are human beings first and all the sects pray to one God. They shouldn’t conduct such survey which can lead to the division in the society.”

The form mentions some “family ID number” on top, which, according to police, will help access the details of a particular family.

The survey is also asking for details like past address of the family in case they shifted from one place to another, as well as the cost of the house.

The ‘handout’ by police also asks for details of all family members with age, occupation, educational qualification, mobile phone numbers, along with monthly income of the earning family members.

One of the police officer said that the purpose of this survey is curbing crime and there is nothing unusual about it.

The police officer said that they are not enforcing this survey. “If they don’t want to fill the form, there is no force on them. It is their choice.”

When TopYaps contacted Inspector General Of Police, Kashmir Range Syed Javid Mujtaba Gilani, he didn’t comment about this survey and said, “I don’t want to say anything about it.” He then disconnected the phone.


IG Kashmir Syed Javaid Mujtaba Gillani . kashmirlife                                                                                                             

MLA Abdul Rashid known as Engineer Rashid said that this survey is not new and has been in practice since 1900s. He said this act is nothing but to humiliate Kashmirs and create confusions in their own minds about each other.

“GoI has unsuccessfully been preaching that J&K is not a single entity but a divided house as there are Hindus, Gujjars, Shias, Pahadis and other groups and communities, who have nothing to do with Kashmir Resolution,” he said.

Rasheed said thousands of non-Kashmiris labourers are working in Kashmir but nobody has asked them anything. He said  “Kashmiris are being treated like infiltrators in their own mother land, which is condemnable and unacceptable”.