Country’s Police and Paramilitary Forces To Wave Goodbye To The Age-Old Khaki Uniform Soon

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12:43 pm 4 Sep, 2017


Police men and women across the country are all set to have their age-old Khaki uniform replaced by a new all-weather, visually appealing uniform. This new uniform is designed by Ahmedabad-based National Institute of Design (NID) after five-year long research. Another special thing about the introduction of the new uniform is that it will be the new standard uniform for police forces of all states, Union Territories and central paramilitary forces of the country.

NID has designed the new smart uniform in association with the Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D). The two have come out with nine prototypes of the new uniform that include shirts, trousers, belts, berets (caps), insignia, shoes, jacket, rainwear, and headgear. Experts and BPR&D officers have taken into consideration several factors such as climate, altitude, working conditions, and nature of duties of police personnel in different parts of the country before working out the new uniform design.

Police personnel wear Khaki uniform presently NMTV


A report regarding the same is being sent to paramilitary forces and police forces of all the states so that they can select and embrace any of the nine prototypes.

As inputs were gathered from police officers of different states and the general public, it was revealed that the present uniform has a number of problems. Foremost is the lack of uniformity. Other problems are the thick fabric of shirts, and lack of ample space to carry necessary items such as cell phone, keys, etc. The caps that the cops wear are good only look-wise but not comfort-wise. These caps are made of wool and therefore cause headaches and hair fall. Helmets, on the other hand, are too heavy to be worn in many situations. The metal belts are too wide and create discomfort while sitting and bending. The leather shoes too are very uncomfortable, particularly for long duty hours.

Moreover, the khaki color is hardly visible in the dark. Also, this color has been adopted for uniforms by personnel of a number of other departments such as municipality staff, postmen, fire department personnel and many others despite the police force arguing that the color be exclusive to them.

One of the 9 prototypes of new uniform TOI

The new uniform has a beige shirt that gives a clean and smart look, also offering proper visibility to insignia, nameplate, badge, medals, ribbons, and epaulettes on the shoulders. The shirt also has ‘Police’ inscribed on its back in two languages. The color of trousers has been changed to earthy brown. Altogther, the new uniform is a drastic departure to the British-era Khaki single-colored uniform.



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