This Is How Police In Noida Helped A Family Cremate A Member In Times Of Demonetisation

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7:32 pm 30 Nov, 2016

Let us admit it. The demonetisation drive is a great move and will surely help in tackling the problem of black money, but it has caused a bit of inconvenience to a lot of people. Though such inconveniences usually follow such major decisions, it cannot be denied that some of us have had a tough time.

A poor family in Uttar Pradesh faced a particularly distressing ordeal because of demonetisation.

It so happened that a woman in Sector 9 of Noida passed away. Her family members wanted to cremate her but were unable to because of a lack of funds due to the limitations on withdrawal of currency.


According to a report, the deceased woman’s son had Rs.16000 in the bank but the bank was unable to give him the money because the bank itself had run out of cash.

The lack of funds delayed the cremation by more than 24 hours.

In such a situation, people come forward to help, but help arrived from the most unexpected source – the police.

The report says that the police station incharge of Sector 20, Dilip Singh Bisht, withdrew money from the ATM from his own account and gave the same to the family for the cremation.

Bisht’s action has earned him and the police force respect from the people.


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