Police Sealed Osmania University To Foil Beef And Pork Festival By Two Groups

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7:39 pm 10 Dec, 2015


Tension prevailed at Osmania University as some student groups had planned beef and pork festival.

Police sealed the campus to maintain law and order.


A newspaper reports that organisers of the ‘beef festival’ have confined their event to hostel rooms due to police restrictions.

Raja Singh, legislator of Bharatiya Janata Party, and dozens of students and activists of different groups were arrested by Police to prevent any untoward incident.

He was taken into preventive custody from his house in Dhoolpet area this morning as he has planned to join ‘Gau Maata puja’ planned by some groups on the campus.


Women activists of Gau Raksha Dal were also arrested when they tried to enter the campus.

Police sealed all the entrance points to the campus to not allow any attempts by any group to organize any program.

Many students were picked up during the searches conducted in and around the campus since Wednesday night.


Students display the food items to be served during the ‘beef festival’ in Osmania University. deccanchronicle

The university was closed for outsiders as the administration of university and police have refused to give permission to conduct any festival.

Security measures were further tightened after City Civil Court declined to give permission for the beef festival.

The lower court’s orders were upheld by Hyderabad High Court on Wednesday.


Students of Osmania University students before police foiled a 2km planned run in support of a proposed Beef Festival in the Campus. indianexpress

But on other side some groups had threatened to stop the ‘beef’ festival at any cost. Some of them had called for a pork festival and ‘Gau Maata Puja’ to counter it.


Swami Paripoornanda Saraswati condemned the attempts to hold beef festival.

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