National Karate Champion Thrashed Traffic Cop After He Tried To Molest Her

2:34 pm 7 Apr, 2018


No women who travel by public transports can claim that they have never faced any issues of sexual harassment. What seems to be a common occurrence is in-fact a grave issue that our society fights on daily basis.



Something similar happened to Neha Jangra who retaliated when a Haryana traffic policeman tried to harass her sexually. She is a National Level Open Karate Champion, who took the control of the situation and beat up the cop before dragging him to the Women Police Station.



She was returning from her Karate class in a shared auto when a cop in uniform started to ask her number. Upon refusal, he started harassing her saying there’s nothing wrong with it, and he wants to be her friend. Frustrated with the harassment, she slapped him and then cornered him with help of the Auto driver. She then dragged him to the police station. She said:

“Instead of being wary of his position as a policeman, he immediately asked me for my phone number. When I refused, he targeted me and said he was asking for friendship only and there was nothing wrong. This infuriated me and I thrashed him twice and pushed him to the corner of the auto so that he couldn’t escape.”


However, at the police station, she was asked to let the matter go and not escalate it further.

“To my surprise, the woman SHO, inspector Sunita Devi asked me to not escalate the matter and offered to humiliate the cop for sexually harassing me in uniform,”



This suggestion naturally angered the Karate Champion. By then she was joined by her father Suresh Jangra. Both were stunned at the SHO’s suggestion who asked them not to file a complaint as that will ruin the career and married life of the constable.

Later Rohtak SP Pankaj Nain confirmed, the constable identified as Yaseen was charged with sexual harassment. He was immediately arrested then placed on suspension.

The incident was shared by the news agency ANI on Twitter, and Tweeple started to praise the girl for her courage. Here are some of their comments:








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