Pokemon Go: Merging The Gaming World With Reality

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2:46 pm 15 Oct, 2015


Devoted fans of the highly popular video game became alarmed when The Pokémon Company, in partnership with Nintendo and Niantic Inc., announced last month that it will be releasing an augmented-reality mobile game called ‘Pokémon GO’ next year. People had a mixed response to it, some couldn’t help but be excited while others thought it was deceptive.

Check out the released teaser that created a buzz in the gaming industry



The teaser of the game claims that it is going to create a real world of Pokemons for it’s fans. However, according to Latin Post , Paul Tassi from Forbes Tech claimed that the cinematic teaser has created impossibly high expectations for ‘Pokémon Go’. Of course, Nintendo would not make the game laughably underwhelming but the finished product will probably be totally disconnected from what is currently being advertised.

“This all feels a bit too good to be true for me, as I’m having flashbacks to when I was a kid and I was hearing about a pair of awesome new Pokémon games for the N64. I thought, at last, the time had come for a fully 3D Pokemon experience, but instead I got an incredibly limited battle sim in the form of Pokémon Stadium,” said Tassi.

In a month of the teaser’s release, rumors of ‘Pokémon GO’ getting canceled began proliferating online. It wasn’t difficult for many to believe the news due to the game’s seemingly ambitious concept. Fortunately, Kotaku recently reported that this simply wasn’t true.

Mixed views are coming from both the sides. Some are happy whereas others are worried as ‘Pokémon GO’ makes players go outside the comforts of their own homes to capture Pokémons and do battle with other players. This setup puts tweens and teens at the risk of interacting with malicious players.

Sources say that game will be available for both iOS and Android users sometime in 2016. Hence we have to wait till the veil rolls up.