Victim’s Poem Emerged As Significant Evidence In The Murder Of 17-Year-Old Girl In Delhi

2:42 pm 29 Aug, 2018


On August 16, 2017, a 17-year-old girl named Shreya Sharma was found dead near her home in Rohini, Delhi. While her parents had earlier filed a missing person complaint about her in the police station, local people from the area informed them about her dead body later. In the case, Shreya’s 19-year-old senior Sarthak Kapoor was taken into custody by the Delhi Police. Apparently, after a year of her death, her killer has been punished for the crime and justice has been served.

Reportedly, a poem was found by the police written by Shreya Sharma hours before her death and that proved to be the most important evidence in the case. During the hearing in the Delhi Court, it was revealed that the victim went to meet the accused at his home during the last minutes of her life and gave him the letter. The letter was found in Sarthak Kapoor’s home during the investigation.




As the poem proved the ‘suffering and agony’ the 17-year-old girl was facing by the accused boy, it served as the primary evidence in the case. Incidentally, the Additional Sessions Judge Virender Kumar Bansal read out the poem to the court as part of his order and handed out life imprisonment to the convict Sarthak Kapoor.



Evidently, the accused has also confessed to his crime in the court that he choked Shreya Sharma to death because she did not want to be a part of his life. Judge Kumar Bansal described him as the ‘jilted lover’. In an earlier hearing, the judge had said:

“It is a case of a jilted lover who wanted the deceased back at any cost. He applied all tactics, extended threats, but when he did not succeed in getting her back, eliminated her.”



However, the accused’s counsel argued in the court that he was a good student without a prior criminal record. The judge responded by saying that ‘her death was a cold-blooded murder that has a left a void in her family which can never be filled’.

The Judge also exclaimed that Shreya was not only harassed by Sarthak regularly but his intentions of killing her have also been discovered from their Instagram chat that they shared days before her death.



Apparently, as he granted life imprisonment to the accused Sarthak Kapoor for the murder of Shreya Sharma, the judge read out loud an excerpt from her poem found in the accused’s house.


“I wish I were dead, every time I close my eyes, I see dark paradise. I am tired of being here, suppressed by my own fears… We went from playing with our toys to become toys ourselves. So boys will be boys and we women will never tell.”

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