How The 68 Years ‘Young’ PM Is Connecting With Millennial India?

8:00 am 17 Sep, 2018


Indian is a youthful country! No, I don’t mean India is filled with vibrant colors and amazing diversities. Of course, that is the case but also India is a country which has a huge population of youth. More than 50% of Indian population is below the age of 25 and the number of people below 35 is about 65%. Considering the statistics, it is not a wrong statement to make that India is indeed a youthful country. However, this piece is not about youths in India, but our PM Narendra Modi who perfectly understands how to capture their attention.

As we all are aware, he is very active on social media. Though handled by professionals, his twitter handle never fails to make its presence felt. True, there are some who loves him and the others who hate, whatever camp you are from there is no denying the fact that you cannot ignore PM Narendra Modi’s social media presence.




Before discussing any further, here are some of the most popular tweets by PM Narendra Modi. Don’t forget to tell us the one that you like the best.


Agreeing that he is public servant



Being a part of viral social media challenge!



Appreciating the effort of a film star



Connecting with the young India



Recognizing the talents



From cricket to viral challenges, these were some among the few topics that he tweeted about. Needless to explain, they are among those that actually young India cares about.

Now, why are we suddenly launching ourselves into understanding how PM Narendra Modi connects with the youth? With the 2019 elections just around the corner, it is a perfect topic that we should discuss. After all, the young people amounts to a considerable number in the vote bank!



However, besides carefully crafting the image on social media to connect with the youth, there are other aspects that that is also pushing India to be a digitalized nation. To start with our tech-savvy prime minister never fails to remind the citizens to rely on technology. But, does that have any real-life effect?

Well, a little digging revealed that in 2013-14 the optical fibre network in the country was 358 km. Guess how much it has expanded since then? A staggering 2,05,404 km! There is no wonder people are engaging more and more in the digital way of life.

Though there are people above the age group considered as the youth, most are young people who are taking the full advantage of this digital push.




Without steering away from the main topic, there is no denying the fact that our ‘youthful’ PM understands the sentiments of the Indian youth quite well. It is no wonder, his carefully crafted social media presence is trying to woo and capture the millennial demographics of India. By far he has made some progress, but will that be enough for creating an impactful result in 2019 elections? Let time be the judge!

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