India At 72: PM Narendra Modi’s Independence Day Speech Highlights

8:15 am 15 Aug, 2018


Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on the occasion of the 72nd Independence Day today. PM Modi first visited the Rajghat this morning and paid his tribute to the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi. He then headed towards the Red Fort and unfurled the national flag amid a 21 gun salute. This also marked PM Modi’s fifth and highly awaited Independence Day address. Later, he received a Guard of Honour from the Army contingent, Navy, Air Force and Delhi Police. In his 2017 Independence Day speech, PM Modi emphasized on a united India and the fight against corruption.

Here are the pointers of PM Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speech 2018:





‘Jawans have done an major sacrifice for the country. I salute them and also congratulate them for their dedication and success!’



‘Indians are moving towards the startup scenario!’



‘Indians are now welcomed in every part of the world!’



‘Major developments have happened in the North-East region of India!’



‘Swachh Bharat was our dream project!’



‘The taxpayers contribute to a major part of our economy.’



‘A wave of change has happened in the last four years’!



‘Women are the pride of the nation!’



Rapes, sexual assualts won’t be tolerated any more!



‘We finally got rid of the AFSPA which existed for many decades!’



‘We wan’t to walk together with the Kashmiris!’



‘Poverty has to end one day!’



‘The country is moving towards a new age!’



‘India keeps enormous power to be the world’s superpower’!


The rule of law is supreme!



‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas is till our goal!’



‘No more power cut in Delhi’



‘The bill on ‘Triple Talaq’ will be passed soon!’



‘Sky is the next goal for us!’



‘Our rate of progress is higher than that of many countries!’



‘We are going through a major transformation!’



‘Other countries are investing in our potential!’



‘We have completed many goals speedily since 2013’



‘Adivasis have got their rights!’



‘Our jawans are well trained and ready to fight in case of adversities!’



‘Though GST received criticism, it has helped our businessmen!’



‘Our daughters are our pride and we need to respect them!’



‘We won’t stop, we will walk into the future!’



We are breaking chains!



‘We are proud of our economics’