PM Modi Hits Back At Rich Bank Defaulters, Says He Will Ensure Every Paisa Is Returned

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7:47 pm 27 Mar, 2016

Hitting back at Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on March 27 said that no bank defaulter will be spared. (3)

Further accusing Congress of playing double game and helping the rich usurp people’s money, the prime minister said that his government has not only “tightened the screws” on “looters,” but had them so worried that they are now fleeing as they are worried about going to jail.

In the past few weeks, the NDA government has faced a lot of criticism over handling of Vijay Mallya case.

In response to this, PM Modi said that it was Congress who had opened banks for the rich during their rule and it was their “governments who have through these banks filled the coffers of the rich.”



While addressing an election rally in Assam he added:

“You know how the rich have usurped public money. My government has tightened the screws on the bank defaulters. They are sweating due to fear of going to jail and are fleeing. But no one will be spared I am telling you. The money looted from the banks does not belong to the banks but to the poor people of the country and I will ensure that those who looted this money return each and every paise… they have looted the country.”

Further giving details on his plans, the prime minister said that various fiscal policies have been initiated so the middlemen are done away with and the move ensures development and enhancement of the country’s image internationally.

“The country was being run by middlemen. Since Modi (I) assumed office, the middlemen have been forced to close shop. It is they who shout, accuse and abuse Modi (me) but I don’t care. There will be no ‘acche din’ (good days) for the middlemen and so their problem with me is natural.”

He then again attacked Congress  and said they have enjoyed robbing the poor for 60 years and he won’t let it happen any more.


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