PM Modi Destroyed Congress In 5 Verses From Hindi And Sanskrit Literary Works

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7:43 pm 7 Feb, 2017


Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a reply to the Motion of Thanks to the President’s address in Lok Sabha today.

At the same time, he was at his humorous best as he took down the Congress using stinging arrows made from some very powerful verses from Sanskrit and Hindi literary works.

In fact, the PM also quoted a verse from a poem of Kaka Hathrasi who is hugely popular in the state.

1.  Even the Congress had made good plans. But what they lacked was the initiative to implement them properly.




2. And he tells Congress that even with old schemes, his government has done better than all previous governments.



3. The Congress cares only for itself and for no one else. Forget about the future of country.

This verse is from the Charvaka school of ancient materialistic philosophy.



4. And why did they not implement their schemes? Because their intentions were bad.

This verse is from a poem by Kaka Hathrasi.



5. And despite knowing that India needed progress, they didn’t do anything because of their intent.

This verse is from Mahabharata where Duryodhana tells Lord Krishna why he follows the path of adharma.




The PM knows how to speak, and speak well.

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