In A Series Of Tweets This Guy Has Highlighted The Negative Side Of PM Modi’s Currency Ban

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4:18 pm 9 Nov, 2016

People are referring PM Modi’s move against corruption and black money as the second surgical strike. Notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 have become illegal overnight. People are facing issues as ATMs are closed for two days and banks will start operating from November 10.



In spite of facing so many difficulties, people are ready to cooperate just because they want to live in a corruption-free nation. People are trying to adjust in every way possible just because they think this will do something for their nation. Everything has its pros and cons, so does PM Modi’s decision.

This guy, in a series of tweets, has highlighted all those points that we hadn’t thought of before celebrating PM’s decision.







After expressing the negatives of this decision for the lower class, he went on to explain the instances that we might have skipped in the rush of standing in ATM lines and collecting notes of lesser denominations…












These are just a few situations Amba Azaad has posed, and there must be hundreds of situations like these.


This information will be heart-wrenching if you read it with a neutral mindset. It’s true that PM Modi has taken a huge step against corruption but it has surely affected those people harder who were already fighting each day for their living.


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