PM Modi Slams Congress For Using ‘India Baiter’ Salman Nizami As An Election Campaigner In Gujarat

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5:00 pm 9 Dec, 2017


PM Modi has slammed Congress for fielding youth leader Salman Nizami from Jammu and Kashmir as an election campaigner in Gujarat ahead of the elections.


At an election rally in north Gujarat’s Lunawada, PM Modi referred to a tweet by Nizami (in which he has questioned who the prime minister’s parents are) and said this:

“He wrote on Twitter about Rahulji’s father and grandmother. That is alright but he also asks, ‘Modi tell me who is your Mother, who is your father?’ Such language can’t even be used for enemies.”

Congress youth leader Salman Nizami divyadelhi

The prime minster added:

“Rahul Gandhi’s party is asking me who are my parents. The people of my country are my parents. I am the son of this soil, this Lunawada.”


He also hit out at Nizami over his anti-India tweets. The PM stated:


“He calls for Azad Kashmir. He calls our army rapists. How can the people accept such people like Salman Nizami? He also says there will be an Afzal from every home.”

The prime minister also called it a failed attempt by India’s grand old party to woo Muslim voters.


And it is not just PM Modi, even Major Surendra Poonia‏ expressed his shock and dismay over the Congress fielding Nizami. He tweeted this:


Meanwhile, the BJP’s Twitter handle, while quoting PM Modi, also shared Nizami’s tweet, along with a tweet he had made in 2013 after Afzal Guru was hanged for his role in the 2001 Parliament attack.


Here are some of the tweets from Nizami’s handle: