PM Modi Commended Smriti Mandana For Her Stellar Innings In England. Her Reply Is Equally Admirable

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3:43 pm 28 Jul, 2017


India has found a new anthem i.e women’s cricket. Though cricket is a way of life in India, still, women’s cricket was an unknown term. Indian media have been ignoring their achievements for a long time, and now, their voice cannot be silenced anymore.

The women’s team had a remarkable run at World Cup in England, and in the nerve-racking final, women held the breath of billions in a country where patriarchy is an old slogan. This is called change.

Though they didn’t bring the cup home, they certainly inspired millions.

Recently, PM Narendra Modi met the players of women’s team and had a wonderful interaction with them.

Modiji shared the photos of his meeting, and praised the indomitable efforts of our players. And one of them was our batting hero, Smriti Mandhana.



In return, Smriti gave a reply which is true and laudable.