Nationalists Are With Us, Let’s Reach Out To Dalits: PM Modi To Party With 2019 Polls In Mind

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10:15 am 24 Aug, 2016

Addressing select party leaders from across the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi described nationalism as the BJP’s identity, and stressed that the party needs to work to attract Dalits and tribals to this fold.



He asked BJP leaders to analyse why do “Dalits and tribals don’t consider BJP their own party in spite of the party having many Dalits and tribal leaders.”

He said that the ‘tiranga yatra’, led by Union ministers and party leaders to mark the 70th Independence Day, have energised patriotism and nationalism among the people, despite forces working to defame the party.

In his speech, he advised the members of the core groups from states not to get distracted by “elements trying to mar the image” of the party. He said that most party leaders came from humble background and should reach out to the people in the language of the common man.

The meet was organised with 2019 general elections in mind and the party took stock of the political situation in every state.

Modi also said that running the organisation while the party is in power is more difficult than when it was in opposition. “When we are in government, we are watched by everyone,” he said.

The prime minister also cautioned party leaders of “anti-incumbency” playing a role in the coming elections and said the party should find ways to defeat it.

Giving tips to state leaders, party president Amit Shah directed that the BJP-ruled governments to work in tandem with party ideology, be corruption free, and aim for the welfare of the people. In non-BJP rules states, he advised leaders to adopt an aggressive approach, chalk out a strategy to take on the government and plan campaigns against it.


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