PM Modi Accuses Congress Of Being Muslim Men-centric, Twitterati Has Plenty of Responses

5:21 pm 16 Jul, 2018


The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is currently in power at the center, with PM Modi at its helm. It is one of the two major political parties in India. The other being the Indian National Congress (INC or Congress).

Both these parties have been at the forefront of the Indian political scene and often engage in crossfire with each other. In fact, a few days ago PM Narendra Modi took a dig at INC and its president Rahul Gandhi.


PM Modi 1

INC president Rahul Gandhi. Source


PM Modi recently addressed a mega rally in the Azamgarh area of Uttar Pradesh. The PM talked about a variety of topics from development to women empowerment.


PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Source


During his speech at the rally, the PM also put forth a question for INC president Rahul Gandhi. PM Modi accused the INC of being biased towards Muslim men. He also accused them of not caring enough for the rights of Muslim women. BJP’s team later tweeted the same on their twitter handle:




Many political influencers and activists took note of the question that PM Modi put up in the speech. Canadian writer, secular and liberal activist Tarek Fatah also tweeted about the PM’s question:



The INC also responded on the issue through their twitter handle:



The Twitterati soon rolled in ready to take digs at both the parties and the Indian political scene as a whole.  Here are some of the tweets:



If INC answers this question, they will lose all of their Muslim vote bank.



That’s not a good question!



Both the parties are vultures of different sorts.



The PM has a polarized mind.



Is it INC or IMC (Indian Mullah Congress)



It seems like this blame game is not about to end anytime soon. What do you think?