From January To October, Here Are Some Super S*xy Playboy Models Who Graced The Cover!

6:04 pm 20 Oct, 2018

Posing for any leading magazine is not a child’s play. Things can turn out to be really challenging as one is expected to look their very best. It may sound very easy for many but trust me, posing for any magazine or getting a photoshoot done for the same could be really tiresome. Among the leading magazines, the name Playboy is very prevalent! And boy this year we have seen some of the most hottest cover shoots for the magazine. You are in for some treat if you have missed the gorgeous pics of these Playboy cover shoot models!

So, without further ado, Take a look at the super sexy and gorgeous Playboy cover shoot models for 2018 which will definitely make you go weak in the knees:


Kayla Garvin (January!)


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When you have a little dance sesh during your shoot

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Megan Samperi (February!)



Jenny Watwood (March!)



Nereyda Bird (April!)



Shauna Sexton (May!)



Cassandra Dawn (June!)




Valeria Lakhina (July!)



Lorena Medina (August!)



Kirby Griffin (September!)



Olga De Mar (October!)



Honestly, every diva here looks just breathtaking. It is quite difficult to keep your eyes off these Playboy cover shoot models, don’t you think? Which one amongst these is your favorite, let us know in the comments section  below!