10 Ads That Play With Words Like Norman Lewis Played With His Vocabulary

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2:21 pm 19 May, 2015


1. The excuse that everyone makes.

Ad by: PornHub.

2. Umm…what exactly?

Ad by: Dr. Fixit

3. This is smart ass.

Ad by: A Beer brand.

4. This is an ad that shows the makings of a great director.


Ad by: Young Director Award.

5. Not a cobbler but a wordsmith.

Ad by: A local footwear maker.

6. You know what this is telling you.

Ad by: Sicradical.

7. There are words and there are intelligent words.

Ad by: The Economist


8. Men are having a field day.

Ad by: Two rival brands.


9. The most important thing after a condom.

Ad by: Firefox.


10. A direct hit, this is.

Ad by: Burger King.


Norman Lewis is the author of ‘Wordpower Made Easy’, just in case you were wondering.



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