Do You Know Why Restaurants Put That Tiny Plastic Table At The Center Of Your Pizza?

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9:00 am 9 Jul, 2017


Have you ever noticed that every pizza you order has a small plastic table at its center? Ever wondered what role this plays for your pizza?

No, it is not meant to keep the pieces of your pizza intact with each other! Neither is it a piece of garnish that makes your pizza look more appetizing, nor it is a toy meant to keep your kiddos busy while you enjoy the delicacy.


Pizza with pizza saver


Known as ‘Pizza Saver’, this tiny plastic table that might be circular or a triangular , is actually meant to save your pizza!

Ever since the dawn of time, pizzas have been delivered in cardboard boxes and this pizza saver makes sure that the upper part of the box does not collapse to the precious topping of your pizza.


Also known as package saver, box tent, pizza stack, pizza table and pizza nipple and many other thngs, this small equipment isn’t anything less than a guardian angel for pizza as well as pizza lovers who just can’t compromise on their favorite delight’s topping!

The pizza saver was invented by Carmela Vitale, a resident of New York, in the year 1983. Vitale filed for a patent for the same which was issued to her in 1985.

Ever since, the pizza saver has been protecting humanity from eating stripped and smashed pizzas that has its topping stuck to the box’s top as it kept moving inside the box while being delivered to your place.


This is what happens to a pizza without pizza saver

Also, since the pizza inside the box is hot, the steam inside the box makes its top sag. Therefore, the placement of the pizza saver at the center helps prevent the top of the box from sticking to the pizza topping.


So, every time you open a pizza box, don’t forget to thank Carmela Vitale for that tiny device she invented to keep your pizza toppings intact.

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