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15 Places In Thane Where You Can Take Your Spouse

Updated on 2 October, 2015 at 1:25 pm By

We all look for a perfect location to spend some special moments with our partner, and when the place is like Thane, which is known as the city of lakes, the choices are just countless. It’s not always about dinners or clubbing, we also look for places where we can play a sport or a beach where we can just take a long romantic walk. So here are some of the best options from which you can choose how you want to spend time with your spouse.

1. Talao Pali


Not only this lake is recognized among the most beautiful lakes, it also offers you a wide range of activities like boating and water-scooter rides. The temple in the middle of the lake, adds to its beauty, making it a beautiful place to spend some romantic moments with your partner. This place is a good option to bond as you will actually get some peaceful moments with your spouse.

2. Segway & Pogo Stick tours

Wanna play a little? Then this is definitely your thing. Grab your partner, get a pogo stick and race with them in the segway. According to me, this is among one of the ways to chill with your partner and definitely worth a try!

3. Fusion Dhaba

A perfect place to vibe with your partner. This place has a very energetic and lively atmospheres, as well as the interiors are beautifully done. The food simply tastes delicious and the service is fast. So I guess a perfect place to take your lady love out for dinner.

4. Kelva beach

What can be better than taking a long romantic walk with your partner on a beautiful beach? The beach is nicely maintained and is surrounded by beautiful huge trees, which just add to the beauty of this place. As well as this beach has nice sitting arrangement!

5. Malshej ghat

How about packing your bags and leaving on an adventurous trek? Malshej ghat gives you the opportunity to experience nature’s beauty at its peak, green hills, dense forest, beautifully flowing streams and the best part is you can experience it to the fullest with your partner. A perfect weekend getaway!

6. D’crepes Café

We all love going for coffee dates, where we can sit and chat for long periods while sipping yummy coffee with our partner. This café caters to all these wishes, the interiors are very nicely done as well as their coffee and desserts are simply fabulous. So sit back, sip your coffee and indulge in deep conversations with your love.

7. Korum mall


There is no better way to make your wife happy than shopping! We all know women simply love it. This mall is a perfect place to take your wife for shopping, as it comprises of all the major brands and designers. You can easily spend your entire day at this mall, without getting bored even for a second.

8. British Brewing Company

Perfect place to chill with your partner, just grab a drink and order some starters. You will simply fall in love with the food of this place, as it’s that delicious, and one just can’t miss out on their chicken satay and butterfly prawns. This place has very beautiful interiors as well.

9. Cinepolis

Cinepolis is the best theater to watch a movie. Just get two tickets and then enjoy movie with your partner at extreme comfort levels. The theater is very well made and organized, and is simply the best option if you want to actually enjoy your movie.

10. Upvan Lake

This lake has a very peaceful and calming aspect as it is surrounded by hills as well as a beautiful statue of Lord Shiva right in the middle of this lake, which adds to the beauty of this place. You can come here and relax with your partners for hours; you can even go for long walks. This place is simply magical!

11. Exotica – the tropical retreat

What can be better than enjoying a delicious meal with your favorite guitar tune playing in the background! You can actually ask the musician to play your favorite tune and the food of this place is to die for, it’s that yummy. Perfect place for a candle light dinner!

12. Yeoor hills

Yeoor Hills are simply paradise for nature lovers! You can get lost in nature’s beauty and forget everything about your busy stressful life for a while. A perfect place to rejuvenate yourself with your partner, not only its beauty, Yeoor Hills has a collection of food joints, where you can grab delicious bites.

13. Naneghat Hills

A perfect place to plan an adventurous trek with your partner! You can trek all the way to the top and then enjoy a beautiful scenic view. So why wait? Pack your bags and leave for a well-remembered trip.

14. Pirates of the Kitchen

The different part about this restaurant is its ambience and theme; it will genuinely give you the feel of a Chinese restaurant. Their staff is very welcoming and polite, service is quick and efficient and the food is simply delicious. A great choice to go for a lunch or dinner date!

15. Sunset Point

A peaceful and romantic evening getaway! The specialty about this place is that while dining at the poolside resort nearby, you can enjoy the heavenly view of the valley. The beauty of this place will make you fall in love with your partner all over again, making it one of your best times ever spent.




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