Yes, You Can Order A Domino’s Pizza On An Indian Train

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3:38 pm 21 Jul, 2015


Are you tired of eating stale and tasteless food of IRCTC? Well, thankfully, you can have Pizza in a train! Yea, it’s true! Domino’s offers delivery of pizzas on more than 200 train services and plans to roll out the service for dozens of new routes in coming months, reports Wall Street Journal.

Domino’s began experimenting with train deliveries in February. The service – a first of its kind for Domino’s — works like this:

Deliverymen hop on board trains when they stop at selected stations to pick up passengers. The fast-food chain has identified 41 such train stations, from Delhi to Agra to Jalandhar, which are located near its branches. Customers can place orders online, over the phone, or through text message at least two hours before the train pulls up to the platform.


But this plan is a nightmare for India’s deliverymen. Given that Indian trains are infamous for being late or not running at all, finding the right train is no easy task either. Rahul Rathod, who delivered a pizza on a train from New Delhi to Jalandhar, knows this very well. So, how did he do it?



First the train timing was confirmed. Then he set out from the Paharganj outlet and zigzagged through traffic. With three minutes to go, he entered the station. He, somehow, reached the train just a few seconds short of its scheduled retreat. He arrived at the correct seat number. With no time for discussion, he unzipped a massive insulated bag, handed over a Chicken Fiesta Pizza, and quickly hoped off.



The move is touted as win-win for both the fast-food chain and India’s state-run railway network.  No surprise then that other US fast-food chains have been quick to follow. Pizza Hut Inc., KFC and Subway are in talks with railway authorities to deliver their own food on trains.

Mr. Kalita, the railways director, says, “Nobody has heard of pizzas on trains before. It’s all so new. Even we’re still learning.”



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