21 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Piyush Mishra

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Updated on 10 Sep, 2018 at 1:45 pm


Sharp, witty and honesty that’s spot-on lethal. There’s something about the vices of Piyush Mishra, just like his poetry, that draws us to his work and his being. Each time he speaks, his eyes seer into the distance, perhaps somewhere seeking solace, invoking both discomfort and calm.




His interviews often describe him as ‘a recluse,’ ‘a man who doesn’t easily mince words,’ someone who’s ‘brutally honest,’ all of which is true and the reason for our intrigue about him. Let’s get to know this genius:


 1. Piyush Mishra is a man of limitless talents



 2. A born rebel, 51 odd years of Piyush Mishra’s life are defined by a mix of disturbed childhood, wasted adulthood and an undeniable genius for arts and creativity



 3. He grew up in Gwalior and was adopted by his father’s eldest sister at an early age



 4. Growing up in an authoritarian household incited in him rebellion and creativity both

He attended Carmel Convent School, Gwalior, which according to him was the ‘wrong school.’


Carmel Convent School, Gwalior

wordpress.com It was here that he was drawn to fine arts such as singing, painting and acting.


5. Self-destructive in nature, he admits that his anger drives his creativity



6. His maiden name was Priyakansha Sharma, which he changed to Piyush Mishra, by filing an affidavit when he was in class 10


Priyakansha Mishra



7. He wrote his first poem when he was in class 8


“Zinda ho haan tum koi shak nahin, saans lete hue dekha maine bhi hain

Haath aur pairon aur jism ko harqatey khoob dete huey dekha maine bhi hain

Ab bhale hi yeh kartey huey honth tum dard sehtey huey sakht see lete ho

Ab hain bhi kya kum tumhaarey liye, khoob apni samajh mein toh jee lete ho”

8. He moved to Mumbai as recently as 2003, before which he spent 20 years as an unruly and alcoholic theater artist in Delhi

This was the most poetic and destructive phase of his life, marked by 24 hours work, alcohol and women.



 9. He graduated from NSD (National School of Drama in 1986) and started a theater group “Act One”

With contemporaries like director NK Sharma, Manoj  Bajpai, Gajraj Rao and Ashish Vidyarthi.



 10. After graduation, he was considered to play lead role in the famous blockbuster “Maine Pyar Kiya”

Piyush never made an effort and Sooraj Barjatya signed Salman Khan.



 11. He did his film debut with Mani Ratnam’s Dil Se in 1998

He played the role of a C.B.I investigating Officer.



12. His television debut came with Tele-series, Rajdhani in 1989

He also worked in Shyam Benegal’s “Bharat Ek Khoj” and appeared in horror TV serials, “Kile Ka Rahasya”




13. A lost and vile drunkard from the past has today become an almost ideal family man

Rising from a morally weak past, he has emerged as an example of self-transformation.

piyush mishra a family man

He’s gone on air and has often reiterated in the media as being “ganda” and “neech.”  Now, let the dead past burry its dead; he’s done everything to swap this image. In 2010 he attended a course of Vipassana in Igatpuri.


 14. He wrote lyrics of the famous musical score “Arre Ruk Ja Re Bande” 

The song from the movie “Black Friday” is perhaps the most popular Indian Ocean song till date.


 15. He also gave stinging music for Anurag Kashyap’s “Gulaal,” And, he’s never had any formal training in music

He composed the music in 8 days and won the Startdust Award for “Standout Performance by Music Director: Gulaal”


Anurag Kashyap’s “Gulaal


16. Famous songs from the movie Gulaal such as “Ye Shahar Humara Sota Hai” and “Yara Maula” are improvisations of songs he did during theater days



17. He wrote dialogues for “The Legend of Bhagat Singh,”; it won him the award for the best Dialogue at the Zee Cine Awards



18. Anurag Kashyap, Tigmanshu Dhulia, and Sai Kabir are the film makers Piyush shares a close bond with

Anurag Kashyap, he says is a “Bad Habit.”



19. If you remember Rockstar you can’t forget Dhingra, the music company owner who reiterates “image in everything…..everything is image”



20. All his dialogues in “Jhoom Barabar Jhoom” are self-written

The most famous of which is “Saj Gaye Lute hue sajinda jaise behte hai… aur yaar gaye magar hum besharam zinda jaise behte hain” piyushmishra


21. He sang the most memorable Coke Studio India song, Husna



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