Not Just Lessons On Motion And Emotion, ‘Piku’ Had An Environmental Lesson We Totally Missed

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8:23 pm 26 May, 2016


‘Piku’ happened to push the envelope in Bollywood a little while bringing us a whiff of fresh air (pun intended).

Cracking fart jokes and tackling shitty constipation problems at the dining table, ‘Piku’ gave us amazing life lessons from this story of a father-daughter relationship.


However, there was one lesson in particular, we didn’t notice – or learn.




I am not even kidding. 

Look at this:



And then this scene which comes right after that:



A thread from Quora suggests that probably this family from Delhi’s CR Park is using the sink’s waste water as flush water.

So they mean the makers of ‘Piku’ were trying to send us a message of environmental importance while we were stuck on potty talk?


Damn, Delhi needs such tricks for these scorching summers and water crisis.

Is there a system? Let me check it out.



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