Pigeons In Rajasthan’s Barmer And Asop Are Richer Than The Average Resident

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8:00 pm 12 Mar, 2015

India is a strange country, so said (according to Jaishankar Prasad) Alexander the Great to his general Seleucus Nicator. Among the countless evidences that stand testimony to Alexander’s assertion, this one from Rajasthan is really mind-blowing.

Did you know that pigeons in two Rajasthan towns own assets that a common man can only dream of? Literally!

In a town called Asop, 90 kilometres from Jodhpur, pigeons have everything from land to pan numbers in their name.

The pigeons are owners of land of approximate 365 bighas and have Rs.30 lakh bank balance.

This is not the only place in Rajasthan with such unique landowners.

Pigeons in Barmer have 10 shops and a three-storey building called ‘White House’ worth Rs.1 crore.

They have in their name a fixed deposit of around Rs.10-12 lakh in bank.

But how do they work the finances?

A 100-year-old committee of 21 elected members operates on behalf of the pigeons in Asop.

The pigeons are fed by these members.

A registered trust does the same work in Barmer. The ‘White House’ is given on rent to low-income individuals.

Whatever money is earned, is spent on the welfare of the poor.

BTW, are you still wondering who Jaishankar Prasad, mentioned in the first line of this article, is? India is a strange country, indeed.

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