Pictures Of The Ethnic Dinka Tribe In Sudan Will Make You Help Preserve Tribes

11:00 am 12 Mar, 2014


Tribes are disappearing from the face of earth at a rapid rate, largely due to the idea of development. The Dinka tribe of Sudan might soon fall victim to the materialistic evolution of human beings. Before that happens, here are a few pictures of this unique African tribe. We hope these pictures will encouraged you to preserve the disappearing tribes round the world.

1. Dream Like Colors

Almost Dream like colors

2. Sand Castles Miles Away

sand castles miles away

3. I Got To Do, What I Got To Do


I got to do what i got to do

4. The Tree Of Life

The tree of Life

5. Breathtaking Feeling Of Life

breathtaking feeling of life

6. True Support

true support

7. Wild Life

wild yet sweet

8. Peace As We Gather Around The Fire

Peace as we gather around the fire

9. Over The Horizon

over the horizon

10. Real Herdsmen

Real hersdmen, no gold bricking

11. Herding At Riverside Camps

herding at riverside camps

12. Cuttings On Flesh

make no cuttings on flesh

13. Agripastoral People

agripastoral people

14. I Will Rise Up Early And Seek Thee

i will rise up early and seek thee

15. Bellwether


16. Marking Forehead

marking forehead

17. Raise Up A Child

raise up a child

18. The Watchman

The Watchman

19. So Beautiful

great beauty

20. The Next Generation

The next generation



Credit : Boredpanda

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