Woman Sent This Bedroom Picture To Husband, But He Instantly Demanded Divorce. Find Out Why

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2:13 pm 9 Jun, 2018


You might have heard of all sorts of weird conflicts between husband and wife leading to a divorce. But one we are going to narrate in this story is different from them all. This is an incident in which husband decided to divorce his wife only on the basis of a picture. The picture has gone insanely viral on the social media, but not many people have been able to guess what’s wrong with it at the first glance.




A man named John had gone out of town for a few days for some official work. He called up his wife several times but she did not pick the call. But he kept calling her until she finally picked up.

Then, the two spoke to each other for a while when suddenly he felt like seeing his lady-love and asked her to send a picture. The woman sent him a picture of herself sitting in her bedroom.



But what happened next was completely unexpected. According to a report by Amar Ujala, the husband saw something in the picture that left him furious and made him doubt his wife’s fidelity. Without any further discussion with his wife, the man demanded a divorce from her over the phone.



Below is the picture that she sent:



Can you spot what her husband saw that made him doubt his wife and demand separation? If you look carefully, you will see a hand peeping out from under the bed on which the woman is sitting. Take a closer look:




John instantly understood that his wife is with someone else and is cheating on him. Could you find the hand of the other man at the first sight? Do let us know in the comments.

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