Lalu Yadav Posted Photoshopped Pics Of His BJP Bhagao Rally And Tweeple Trolled Him SO Bad

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2:47 pm 28 Aug, 2017


Politics is a game and whoever learns to play it best, rules longer. Self-acclaimed guru, Ram Rahim Singh has been convicted of his crimes and his blind followers are creating havoc in parts of Haryana, Punjab, and even in Delhi. People are raising questions on Haryana government who failed to control the mad mob. The mob burnt trains, media buses, government offices and much more. People lost their lives in this unnecessary battle.


This gave the opposition a chance to defame the ruling government. There is no doubt that government’s fault was there but, this does not mean that the parties in opposition are any better. Lalu Prasad Yadav, taking advantage of this situation organized a BJP bhagao rally. Yes, a lot of people turned up but, the party decided to morph the images and posted photoshopped images that showed a humongous gathering in Lalu’s rally.

Here are the tweets that Lalu posted on Twitter.




ANI successfully decoded that the picture posted via Lalu’s portal are photoshopped.

It took no time for this news to go viral on the internet. Tweeple flooded the social media platform with hilarious memes and trolled Lalu Prasad Yadav in the funniest way possible.








Aap sirf adat se majboor hain, Lalu ji! 😛



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