This Couple’s Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Is A Chilling Reminder Of Delhi’s Toxic Smog

12:55 pm 17 Nov, 2017


There has always been something special about Delhi and winters. Lengths have been written romancing the idea of spending winters in Delhi. From hugging yourself in the most comfortable woolens to savoring hot chai with buttery paranthas, everything about winters in Delhi seemed just perfect – well, till a couple of years back. Now, the beautiful and romantic early morning fog has been replaced by dreadful smog in Delhi, which lasts for months and promises to kill and choke you!

An image depicting the prevalent mood of Delhi during winters – endless cups of tea and cozy wraps. India Today


Delhi’s smog has not only took a toll on the normal day-to-day lives of the people but is also proving to be a real mood dampener for those who are getting hitched soon and wish to frame their courtship in romantic pre-wedding photoshoots. After all, how can you click good photographs when the beauty of Delhi lay hidden under smog?

Thick smog covers Rajpath in New Delhi. Rediff



But, as they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way. And that is exactly what impelled Ashish Prateek of Banjara Studios to come up with creating a photoshoot where a couple is seen tying anti-pollution masks on their faces.

The couple can be seen wearing anti-pollution masks in all the photographs. Band Baajaa


Innovative as it seemingly is, how did Ashish come up with such an idea? Talking about this successful photoshoot, Ashish said:

While the entire Delhi and the Country were talking about ‘SMOG’, while chit chatting with my better half regarding a photo shoot where one of my client was insisting for opting locations in Delhi but the issue was health and haze free background. Thereafter the idea of capturing the issue came up and we decided to go about it with a friend couple of ours.


So he roped in two of his married friends and convinced them to become subject of the shoot.


But wasn’t shooting in fog in the wee hours of the morning a challenge in itself? After all, the photographer couldn’t work wearing such a mask.

Ashish said:

The major challenge I faced is smog & high level pollution in which it was difficult to breathe normally. Our eyes were burning at the time of shoot. We had to stay in smog for 2 hours because the idea was clear that we wanted to capture smog in our shoot.


However, although it seems like quite fun in the beginning, as you brush through the photographs, you would be able to envisage how prophetic these images us. With just two props – the anti-pollution masks – the photographer presents the future of the world. Perhaps, there would come a time when the entire world will have to shoot photos like this.

All the photographs have been taken at the most touristy and/or common places in New Delhi, to aware people about the intensity of damage created by the smog. Band Baajaa


Enlightening more about the idea behind the photoshoot, Ashish said:

Usually I do pre wedding or couple shoot  a lot at these locations and these locations are the main locations of Delhi. I did the reiki one day before the shoot and I shortlisted the locations on the basis of popularity, smog and convenience.


Now, it all rests in our hands – whether we want our future to be like this or clearer and more vivacious. But for now, let’s have a look at the rest of the pictures from the photoshoot:








What do you think about this photoshoot? Do you think it is high time for us to take such progressive photoshoots in our own stead and create awareness about saving our environment? Please share in your views in the comments section below.

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