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This Photo-bomb By A Dog Is The Best Thing On Internet Today

Updated on 31 January, 2019 at 12:12 pm By


Has anyone ever photobombed your picture? or have you photobombed other’s picture? If yes then you can understand that how can a simple intentional or unintentional photobombing affect a picture. Do you remember when in the recent golden globe awards a girl got famous as the ‘Fiji water girl’? We are about to tell you about the cutest photobomb on the internet right now, a photo-bomb by a dog.

It was a fashion show of the ace designer Rohit Bal and Siddharth Malhotra was the show stopper but this dog stole all the limelight. There is a video on social media of a dog crashing in the fashion show. The picture is doing the rounds of the internet in which the dog has been clicked with the models on the stage. Here’s a look at the picture.



Photo Bomb by a dog on the stage


Nobody got to know how the dog was on the show and accidentally posed with the models. That was not enough, the dog made a good walk on the ramp. He initiated it and went on to the whole stage before the star Siddharth Malhotra. Look at the hilarious video.



This is how the users reacted to the incident of this dog photobombing the models’ picture.


photo bomb by a Dog on the stage with models comment


Photo bomb by a Dog on stage comment


Photo Bomb by a Dog on stage with models comment


Photo Bomb by a Dog on the stage comment


Something similar happened last year when a video went viral of a cat came onto the stage of a fashion show in Istanbul and doing the literal ‘cat-walk’. Watch the funny video here:



This was the cutest photobomb ever. The dog so innocently toured the stage and got clicked with the models. How did you like the photo?



Pictures Source: Instagram

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