Twitterati Trolled Tajinder Bagga’s #Phirdildomodiko Post In The Most Hilarious Way Possible

3:45 pm 30 Jul, 2018


Political leaders are probably the best source of entertainment. Yes, even better than the standup comedians who provides us with a heartfelt laugh. From stupid comments on social issues to hilarious gestures, they never fail to tickle our funny bone. Recently, Delhi’s BJP spokesperson Tajinder Bagga presented the Twitterati with such a reason. In order to create some buzz around the upcoming 2019 election, he asked people to send suggestions regarding campaign idea. All hell broke loose when he used ‘[email protected]’ as the email address and people started commenting using hashtag #Phirdildomodiko.

For the Pogo lovers aka people without a naughty mind, the hashtag can also be read as, #PhirDILDOmodiko. Get it?



Quite expectedly, people couldn’t let this golden opportunity pass away and started to show their creative side with hilarious tweets. Before knowing what the netizens said, here’s the original post by Tajinder Bagga that lead to this laughing riot:



Soon after the hashtag became a material for trolling, the BJP leader quickly deactivated his account. Then he changed the email address to ‘[email protected]’ and posted a new tweet:



However, the damage was already done as his previous post garnered attention for the wrong reason. The Twitterati started commenting on this spectacular backfire and here are some of them:










Not to mention, people were quick to come up with memes, funny images, and gifs. Here are some for your entertainment:










Do you have any funny comment on #Phirdildomodiko?