Pewdiepie Finally Broke His Silence Over Ekta Kapoor’s One-Sided Ranting And Indians Love It Instead Of Hating

6:23 pm 6 Jun, 2018


Who loves Ekta Kapoor? Glad, we can’t see any raised hands. Jokes apart, she makes such serials which challenges you. To be precise, it challenges your IQ level. There is no denying the fact that this lady single-handedly changed the Indian TV serials scenario from golden to garbage. However, this story is not a rant about her pathetic series of serials but how she got trolled by world-famous YouTuber Pewdiepie.

A few days back, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg aka PewDiePie tweeted a video taking a dig at the quality of a video and not the content. As it turns out, it was one of her serials. Here’s the tweet:



Though his desi fans were happy to see him stumble on an Indian content, it enraged Ekta Kapoor. Instead of ignoring it, she lashed out with a tweet:


Soon after that, he featured India on his famous trolling video series ‘You Laugh, You Lose(YLYL).’  There among other things, he made fun of some of the Hindi serials, all made by Ekta Kapoor. Here’s the video:



Naturally, like a ‘matured’ person, she dished out a series of one-sided rants against the Swedish YouTuber. Here’s what she wrote:








Phew! That’s a long rant!



Finally, PewDiePie broke his silence and presented his reply in the most epic way possible. He made a video making fun of Ekta Kapoor followed by taking a dig at some of the Indian things that even we feel are ridiculous. Here’s the video:



Naturally, Indians commented on the entire fiasco showing that we can laugh at ourselves too:











What’s your take?

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