Petition Filed Against Irom Sharmila’s Marriage At Kodaikanal

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6:30 pm 15 Jul, 2017


It hasn’t been a week yet and troubles have started to emerge for the marriage plans of Iron Lady, Irom Sharmila and British activist, Desmond Coutinho.

Sharmila filed papers for marriage to Coutinho on Wednesday at Kodaikanal’s Sub-Registrar’s office. Within a day of her filing for the marriage, a petition has been filed against her it. After submitting her papers for filing, a 30-day notice was served as her marriage could be registered under the Special Marriage Act.

Irom at Kodaikanal Outlook



A social activist from Pethuparai, V. Mahendran, has filed a petition at the Sub-Registrar’s office on Thursday, citing that her marriage will create disturbance in Kodaikanal. Mahendran has asked the officials to deny Sharmila permission for marriage.

Mahendran’s petition stated,

When I met Irom Sharmila in Kodaikanal during her visit to Bodhi Zendo near Perumal Malai, she said that she came to Kodaikanal to lead a peaceful life. I welcomed her then, as she was a renowned activist.

It was reported that Mahendran was first to receive Sharmila at Kodaikanal and felicitate her with a shawl as well. However, Mahendran changed his mind after he learnt that the lady will be fighting for the rights of tribal people in the hills. Also, her British fiance is the CEO of a website that connects activists all across the globe and this would disturb the peace in the area.

Irom with her fiance at the Sub-Registrar’s office Deccan Herald


Mahendran further added that if they were granted permission, then the couple would settle in Kodaikanal permanently. This can hamper the peace in the tourist haven as she is renowned for staging protests. He insisted that permission should be denied to them in interest of public safety. Mahendran also commented that keeping a constant watch on Sharmila will take a toll on Police as well and if she sat on the streets at Kodaikanal for tribal rights, it would become an international issue.