Here’s Why Making Your Workplace Pet-friendly Is A Good Idea

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2:56 pm 11 Oct, 2018


Meet Hugo, an adorable Labrador Retriever, who snoozes around the Chumbak office, one of the very few pet-friendly workplaces in India. Hugo also keeps everyone entertained by strolling around when he’s in a good mood, and he is also a part of most of Chumbak’s employee engagement activities. The result? A cheerful workplace where the employees are less stressed-out and the energy level is always on a high!

Chumbak’s own blog says, “Pet-friendly workspaces, we think, just tend to be that much less stressful, because what could be more of a welcome break than an adorable puppy gazing into your eyes with a toy in its mouth, inviting you to play? There’s a certain synergy they bring to the team, and one of the first things they teach us is how much happiness there can be in spontaneous moments.”




With Indians becoming more and more open, welcoming and caring about being pet-friendly, and animal-friendly overall, we have seen a rising awareness regarding animal wellness in general. Pet cafes, pet spas and even places where the visitors can cuddle up and cozy with these furry buddies, have emerged almost everywhere in the country.



It’s no wonder then, that some companies have now started allowing animals and pets into the workplace. Ask any pet owner and the first thing they will say is “They’re not pets. They’re family.” and then they would go on to tell you how much they worry when they leave them behind in the house during work hours or how they cancel plans because they don’t want to leave their pet alone at home.



That’s natural, considering how much parents worry about their children when they’re not in sight. I mean, don’t you worry about your loved ones if you haven’t spoken to them, or even met them in a while?

Most companies abroad have realized this and they allow pets into the workplace. However, pet-friendly workplaces in India, are still, a novelty.



Apart from the obvious constant worry that the pet owners become free from, having a pet-friendly or even an animal-friendly workplace comes with so many other benefits as well.



Though it is a much-desired perk, only a few companies in India have taken the initiative towards this. Chumbak, InMobi, YourDost, Home Raaga, CurleyStreet Media and Write Leela Write are just a few of the handful pet-friendly workplaces in India currently.





A couple of them like CurleyStreet Media and Write Leela Write have even named their pets as Chief Cuddling Officer and Chief Well-being Officer, respectively.



Though the number and types of pets may be different, the opinion of these pet-friendly workplaces in India, on allowing pets and animals into the workplace stands to be the same – the presence of these furry buddies makes the work and the workplace, more fun!



And who can disagree? Imagine getting cuddled like this when you’re stressed out because of the work.



Wouldn’t that be the best stress buster ever? And imagine what a relief it would be for pet owners to not be in constant worry about leaving their pets behind at home, alone if such pet-friendly workplaces in India actually became a more common and acceptable thing.



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