11 Gifs That Would Prove That The 90s Was The Pervertest Decade Of Bollywood

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10:00 am 19 Apr, 2015

Filmmakers in Bollywood seem to have a fetish for period films and 70s is their favorite era, but ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’ has broken the rut and has successfully recreated the 90s, the era famous for Govinda’s pelvic thrusts, Karishma Kapoor’s fancy dress kind of over the top costumes, Sunny Deol’s ‘dhai kilo ka hath’ and Raveena Tandon’s husky voice.

But, there was something distasteful about the 90s, too. No, it’s not only the deplorable styling sense, but the 90s kind of choreography, which was a lot suggestive.

Here’s, decoding a few top moves of the era.

1. Shahrukh Khan in midst of a mouthful of pleasure.


The famous ‘jati hoon main, jaldi hain kya’ song from Karan Arjun has been iconic for 2 decades. But its choreography defined a lot more. Take a cue from the attached gif, and SRK’s Eureka expression somewhere in between. *ewwww*


2. Govinda: the king of suggestive choreography.

Who can forget the iconic innuendoed song ‘Sarkaile khatiya jara lage’? If you thought the song ‘aa aa ee oo oo oo’ song was any less, take a look at Karishma and Govinda’s expressions. And, yes, Raja Babu was a family film!


3. And here is Govinda in a threesome!

This is how you do it baby!! The ‘Govinda way’!


4. Why should Govinda have all the fun? When its Sunny side ‘UP’?

If you knew only about Sunny Deol’s ‘dhai kilo ka haat’, here’s him boosting his size……

Of his chest that is! But you can’t miss the moves, can you?


5. And here comes yet another lesson from Sunny Deol: The passion Guru.

You may have tried several interesting positions, but did you ever think of the hopping position? Well, Sunny Praji Did!


6. Here’s our beloved Sunil Anna in the art of ‘going down’.


And girls back in the 90s couldn’t have enough of him.


7. Now, comes the Khiladi, isn’t the choreography absolutely handsome?


Take a detailed look.


8. At times our khiladi got ‘chocolaty’ lucky though.

The brilliant choreographers had thought of blending two favorites of the human race back in the 90s itself!

9. Don’t miss Anil Kapoor in his ‘Jhakkas Grab!’

When opportunity comes into your hands, just grab them! Don’t miss the chance!

10. The queen of perversion, ‘choli ke peeche kya hain?’

11. Yet another instance of Bollywood in the 90s being obsessed with what’s inside Madhuri Dixit’s choli.

If chest oscillations made heart attacks sexier!


And yet people say that our generation is screwed!

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