Only A Person Travelling In The Middle Berth Of Indian Trains Will Be Able To Understand These 7 Problems

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 3:16 pm


While talking of the Indian Railways, many of you will end up making faces at it while rest would go on talking about the adventures incurred while traveling in trains. Yes, you might have distant and innumerable experiences (some good, some bad) to share, but one thing that you all would agree on is the fact, the worst pain ever while traveling in Indian Railways is to bag the middle berth! Ha! We knew that’d tick a painful smile across your face. Read on to know about the weird problems that one has to face while traveling in the middle berths—

7. Get Ready to be a Sandwich!

After you find yourself getting the middle berth, the first thing that bothers you the most is that you’ll have to be sandwiched among two unknown people. This precisely means that neither can you move around like the upper berth holder nor can you sit reclining against the window like the lower berth traveler—it’s the yogic posture that you’ll have to practice throughout your journey!

Get Ready to be a Sandwich!

6. You have to Struggle to Get a Window Seat!

For the middle berth travelers, traveling becomes a sort of juggling and struggling with the co-passengers for the window seat. Technically the window seat belongs to the lower berth passengers, and no matter what may come, they won’t allow anyone to get hold of that seat even for a second. Yes, you’ve got to wait for the moment when the aunty or the kid goes off to the washroom in order to get some fresh air or view!

You have to Struggle to Get a Window Seat!

5. Exchange Seats? No Please!

Well, if you’re traveling in middle berth alone while the rest of your family is elsewhere in the train, and if you want to exchange seats with someone else so that you can be with your family, many people will jolly well agree to your proposition TILL you’ve told them your middle berth seat! Yes, that’s the tragedy of people traveling in middle berth!

Exchange Seats? No Please!

4. Taking Care of Shoes and Luggage is Irksome


No matter whether you’re carrying less or more luggage, if you’re traveling in Indian Railways, you’ve got to be careful about them. However, the trouble heightens to a whole new level when you’re traveling in the middle berth. Neither can you keep a proper eye on your luggage and shoes lying on the floor properly nor can you keep them with you (like the people in the upper berth do)—come on, like all, you too are afraid of those chains coming off! Yes, in other words, it’s hellish and you’d be deprived of a proper nap even if you’re crazily tired.

Taking Care of Shoes and Luggage is Irksome

3. Be prepared to face the humidity!

No matter whether it’s the AC coach or Non AC coach you’re traveling in, if you’re in the middle berth, be prepared to have uneasy and uncomfortable night. It is such a place where neither will you get the fan air nor the proper AC cooling. And, if it’s the hot and humid weather you’re traveling in, then be prepared to receive the worst!

Be prepared to face the humidity!

2. Are you feeling Sleepy? Forget it!

Well, one of the major upsets of getting seats in the middle berth is that your sleep is directly proportional to the mood of the person sitting in the lower berth! If you’re super tired, and he/she is not, then you got to wait and wait till he/she makes up his/her mood and decides to engulf in a temporary slumber! Yes, it’s very irritating!

Are you feeling Sleepy? Forget it!

1. Who cares if you don’t want to sleep!

If you don’t want to sleep, then too you’ll have to “kindly adjust” yourself to the mood of the fellow travelers! Like a gentle man or woman, you will have to get up, pull up your berth and lie down if the person travelling in the lower berth wants to sleep! Yes, that’s the tragedy of being in the middle—no matter what happens, your freedom of movement is curbed as long as you’re travelling! And, yes, you do have to lie down for sitting with a crooked back is simply out of question, unless you have got the back of an ape!

Who cares if you don’t want to sleep!