8 Perks Of Dating More Than One Guy At A Time

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Updated on 4 Sep, 2018 at 6:23 pm


1. It’s great for your self-esteem

When people are single, they spend time worrying about what’s wrong with them. When you have many boys interested in you at the same time, it’s a huge ego boost.

2. Better odds of finding Mr Right

When you play the field, you have a chance to size up your options and see what you like and dislike in people. It will make it easier to figure out what all you want in a man.

3. Life will certainly not seem boring

You won’t be dependent on one guy being free for you to go out and have fun. Also, if one guy likes to go to the movies, another might like to teach you how to ride a bike – more options!

4. You’ll develop some life skills

You’ll fine-tune your people-juggling skills, get better at organizing your life and learn to keep a track of all the different facets of your life. You will also learn how to communicate clearly.

5. You might make good friends

Not every guy you go on a date with will work for you romantically; those with whom you have a lot in common without having a spark might just become good friends.

6. You’ll learn how to handle rejection

Whether it’s you rejecting guys or them rejecting you, you’ll learn the art of letting go and moving on rather than becoming a complete mess after each break-up.

7. You’ll accomplish more

Often, people don’t do the things they want to because they don’t like going out alone. You can join dance classes with one guy, explore the art world with another and take road trips with a third.

8. You won’t be a slave to your emotions


Most relationships end up bringing out jealousy, anger and insecurities in people. You’ll learn to have a more balanced and rational response to situations rather than an emotional outburst.