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14 Perks Of Dating A Short Guy

Updated on 14 September, 2015 at 7:42 pm By

Is height really a mandatory criterion to decide whether to go on a date or not? Not really! If the guy scores a perfect 10 in the rest, we bet that height happens to play an insignificant role. After all, you can’t judge a book by its cover; you might just find your dream guy is short. If you are already dating a short guy, you know the perks of it, but if you aren’t, then let us tell you that they offer much competition to tall guys. Here are a couple of reasons (barring the mutual understanding between two people) that makes short guys equally desirable.

1. You can give your feet some rest and avoid wearing high heels to match his height.

2. He doesn’t make the bed his own, you get enough room to sleep freely.

3. You feel like a supermodel already, especially if you wear those stilettos.

4. There is no awkward kissing moment and you spare tearing your neck muscle as a result.

5. You don’t have to run to match his pace, his steps just match yours.

6. You get to open your avenues to find the right guy, as height is not a criteria for you.

7. If you are driving the same car, you don’t have to go about adjusting the seat and rear-view mirror.

8. You can slip into his clothes anytime; too baggy clothes appear uncool but a just a little baggy makes it fashionable.

9. You can easily share an umbrella without raising your hand too much.

10. You can put your hands around his shoulder with comfort.

11. He might be more confident than any of your tall exes.

12. You can boast about him when your friends complain about their tall boyfriends.

13. Time for a selfie? You don’t have be on tiptoes to come into the frame.

14. You can do a couple dance with much ease, no need to hurt your arms.


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