15 Perks Of Being A Man In Indian Society That You Will Agree With

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10:30 am 29 Jul, 2018


While feminism and women empowerment is on a rise in India, there are some exclusive perks that only men get to enjoy in this society. It would take a lot of time for women to be able to relish all of the perks that men enjoy. Though there will be some who will call this article as bullshit, but don’t judge before you have actually read about the perks of being a man in India.

When done, you will certainly agree with the points given here. So, are you ready to know the perks of being a man in India society?

1. Nature’s call is inevitable. Being a man in India, you need not search for a toilet and hold your bladder till bursting point



2. If you are a man residing in India, you need not worry about how dark it might get in the evening before you reach home



3. Looking perfect is not a guy’s thing and when in India, you can choose to not really worry about what the rest of the 120 crore people think about your looks



4. At a liquor shop, no one looks at you like you are an alien entering an unknown territory. As for girls, you know the drill!



5. In India, if a guy goes out with several girls, he’s a ‘dude’. Reverse the role and the girl is a ‘whore’



6. Getting married is an informal compulsion in India. However, for men in India, age is not a major criterion to get married



7. Talking and thinking about sex is completely normal for a guy in India




8. You don’t get scolded or pointed out as ill-mannered when you abuse someone



9. As a guy, there is no restriction on what type of friends you make. You need not worry about the wrong company you might be keeping



10. India gets really hot during summers. When girls seem to look around for some cool clothing, men walk shirtless. That’s my incredible India!



11. Men in India are supposedly good with all the technical stuff. You don’t need a serviceman to repair any faulty machinery that you have at home!



12. Guys can start staying alone in a 1 bhk flat at the age of 18



13. It has been ‘scientifically proven’ that men get a little less tipsy after consuming alcohol than women



14. Being a man in an Indian society, you can travel all alone and go places without any restrictions


If you think about it rationally, you will find your head nodding in agreement.