10 Perks Only A Female Driver Can Enjoy In India

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6:00 pm 19 Aug, 2015

Female drivers in India have been criticized and chided at for long by men.

But somewhere, the stupidity of men has given us a whole lot of perks. If men do some of the things that women drivers do, they would have their driving license cancelled. Considering the setbacks we abla naaris go through everyday, few perks wont do us any bad. Right? *puppy face *

So here we list out some awesome perks we are proud to enjoy.. cause we are so done with listening “ Girls don’t know how to drive”. Take this boys and burn in envy while we drive off on the roads.

1. Skipping a Red Light doesn’t always mean a Challan.

We stop the whole traffic, we skip the lights, we take the wrong turn, we do anything! The uniformed men will come to us, ask us not to do it again and we will say a sorry and ride on. Its simple. Really as simple as that!


No boys, your story ain’t that sweet.

2. No one on the roads will call us a B*C.

Considering how volatile road rage is, you can expect some verbal as well as physical abuse. But we are girls. He might give us a bad look, but that is it. We give a stern stare back and drive off. “It was your fault, Ass.”



3. Parking lots are a ride.

You boys, you who always criticize us for the failure of parking straight in a row. I love watching your poor face when you struggle to park your car in that narrow lane. Mine? The parking guy did that long back.



No, he wont do that for you!

4. Stop whenever, wherever.

I really didn’t know we are not allowed to stop our car side ways with parking lights on, until I heard one of my guy friends getting bashed up for it.



No boy, you can’t do that!

5. People don’t cross your way.

Be it for the fear of lady drivers, any car or even any person for that matter won’t try to cross our way. What we get? Smooth, break free roads.. AH!


Guys, please halt and let them cross. Duh!

6. Flat tyre? No problem!

Even though most of us have access to crossroads and are hardcore feminists who can, of course, change their car tyre on their own, but having someone to do it for you while you sip on some Banta doesn’t sound that bad though. One of my friend’s car broke down, and she called up her best friend to help her. He drove all the way down.


I am sure you are not expecting that!

7. Lost our way? No way.

In the time of Google Maps, no one relies on signboards or people. That includes us. But if we ask random passers by for directions, we get a lot of genuine help. Can you?


No, MEN don’t ask for directions. Enjoy!

8. We ‘bypass’ the rules and get to enjoy them.

It’s prohibited to use mobile phones while driving. But it’s not prohibited to apply gloss or munch on fries. It could be for a reason right? So we unabashedly deal with our makeup in rear view mirrors while you are honking. What’s the rush, man!


9. We get cars much more easily than our brothers.

Citing the reason “Delhi is not safe”, being a girl never felt more amazing. While you bro is sweating out in his cab, you drive your way to office in your air conditioned car.


Want a lift, dude?

10. Driving gives a boost to our confidence.

When we girls drive, there is an amazing sense of pride and independence. Being behind the steering wheel gives us control and, maybe, that’s what makes us feel liberal.


For you guys, it’s just commuting. Boring!

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