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Finally A Fierce And Freakin’ Badass Sanitary Ad Which Shows Red As Red, Not Blue

Published on 16 July, 2016 at 7:53 pm By

What is the deal? Wrap it in a black polyethene, hush it from eyes of our dads and brothers and see those typical blue-inked sanitary advertisements on television; not that it makes us feel any less awkward. What is really the deal?


A London agency AMV BBDO has finally given us the advertisement of our dreams. Bodyform’s ad might be fierce, over-powering and somewhat explicit for the taste of our blue-inked sanitary pads audience, but trust me when I say, it will make you feel something: Proud!



The only thing which no other advertisement has ever made us feel is the pride to be on periods. But this advertisement has hit right on spot.

Don’t these YouTube reactions say it all?

youtube1 youtube2

The best one came from a man who just wrote what we’ve been dying to hear all this while.


You know something is totally off the radar of being badass when a man posts a comment like this:




What’s next?




Oh yea, bring it on!

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