20 Signs Of A Perfect Boy For An Indian Girl

3:30 pm 25 Apr, 2018

Every girl wants a perfect, ideal man. Yes girls, that man is there, waiting patiently, in a parallel universe, somewhere in another galaxy. Girls have their own list of qualities they want and the list is bizarre. Abiding by the list, ma’am you’ll have to stay single forever.

1. Earns like Bill Gates

Yes, money speaks and speaks a lot. Girls want their ideal partner to mint money every second. Why? Shopping. Yes! Yes!

2. Tall as a giraffe

Bhagwanji, ladka 7’11” hona chaiye, okay?’ Tathastu! *Giraffe appears*

3. Romances like SRK

Oh yeah! Every girl loves romantic SRK and dreams of finding such a life partner. Well, apparently dreams don’t come true.

4. An Emraaan Hasmi fan

Ahem! Ahem! A girl may call an Emraan Hashmi fan a cheapo, but that’s what she desires in bed. Absolutely yes!

5. As obedient as Manmohan Singh

Why do you think Sonia Gandhi is so happy?

6. Body like Salman

‘Sallu bhai jaisi body, aur unke saath kisiki jodi, simple nai hai boss.’

7. Cute as Shahid Kapoor

‘Yes! Madam, ek celebrity cloning clinic khol de?’

8. Caring like a nurse

After marriage, bacche ka khayal rakhnewala koi chaiye na!

9. Hot as the sun

Girl: Ladka hot hona chaiye haan.

Shaadi.com: Yeh lijiye, Sooraj.

10. As loyal as a dog

If not before marriage, every guy becomes a dog eventually. Aur iss kutte ka din kabhi nai aata.

11. Size really matters, doesn’t it?

12. Trusts you and is himself trustworthy

13. He brings out the best in you

We all want a partner who makes us a better person, be it socially or emotionally. If your behaviour changes for the worst around them? Not a good sign!

14. Should respect your family and friends

Well it’s not necessary that your partner likes all your friends or family members, but he should atleast try to get along with them for your happiness.

15. Should accept your flaws

He should always motivate you by appreciating your strengths, but at the same time he should also love your flaws. Like they say, if you accept someone, you accept them with all their negatives too.

16. Should be ambitious

Should have a work ethic and confidence. We all want our husbands to be there to support us and he should be financially strong to support the family, no matter how the circumstances get.

17. Is honest with you

He should be honest about his feelings and views, as we don’t want a partner who constantly keeps lying to us and hides his true emotions and does not understand the value of truth in a relationship.

18. Is smart

Well you are going to spend a lot of time with him, so he should be funny, witty and intelligent, so that you are able to have sensible conversations and at the same time, when you are stuck in confusion, he can give you a good piece of advice.

19. Is selfless

He should care about others and when he sees somebody in need, he should be there to give a helping hand happily. It is very important to find this trait in him, as men who are selfless are more supportive and caring, as they value humanity.

20. Shares your beliefs

He should have same beliefs like you or atleast he should respect your view. So that you feel that your point matters to him and he is not the only one taking decisions.

He should understand the purity of the relationship and the importance of marriage vows. As we are not looking for cheaters, we are looking for faithful lovers.


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