A Student Photoshopped 126 Photos Of Her Body To Challenge Societal ‘Perfect Body’ Standards

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9:00 pm 23 Apr, 2015


Don’t like your body? Going through a strict diet plan to have that perfect body? Well, don’t you think it’s time to stop?

Certainly, Kelesy Higley, a media-art student from the University of Oklahoma, felt so. After nip or cribbing about her body type, trying to reduce a change a inch here or there, she decided to convert her emotional ordeal into an art project.


In her project ‘Manipulated’, she digitally alters her body to fit a whole range of beauty ideals of the society over the years.


As reported on her website kelesyhigley.com,


“The work is a commentary on not only these unrealistic idealizations of beauty, but also the women’s desire to be attractive. The women in these photographs and video have an unnerving and unreal quality created by digital manipulation of the body shape, skin and hair, demonstrating how many women will go through great lengths (starving themselves, undergoing cosmetic plastic surgery, removing hair, etc.) to modify their natural body and achieve what society believes is beautiful.”


Kelsey also claimed that her video contains roughly 126 digitally manipulated photos that create the illusion that she is moulding her body like modelling clay.

“The video goes through several stages of “beauty” as I receive conflicting opinions on what true beauty is. As I go back and forth, I end on my natural body and the video starts over.”



Watch the video and you will surely be inspired by same! Bravo!

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