9 People Who Became Famous On Internet In A Matter Of Hours

3:45 pm 13 Feb, 2018

The world of Internet is so powerful, so fast, so important, and yes, crazy at the same time. Apart from many other things, both positive and negative, that it facilitates, it has become the biggest and most important platform for showcasing one’s talents, potential, beauty or anything to the world. In fact, it has even made so many normal and everyday faces popular and famous because of the platform it has provided. In this post, we take a look at some of such people who became super famous on the Internet in just a matter of not months or days, but hours. Take a look.

1. Priya Prakash Varrier

Priya Prakash Varrier has taken the internet by storm for last few days by her cute and adorable expression. She is making her acting debut with a Malayalam movie ‘Odu Adaar Love’. A clip from the movie in which she was seen winking to a boy has gone viral and got every boy’s heart running and she became the internet sensation in a minute.


2. Lee Minwei

Lee Minwei is a security personnel at the Singapore airport. Pictures of his incredible good looks went viral and his images were all over the internet and he became famous in no time. He is cute and handsome indeed.


3. Arshad Khan

The handsome blue-eyed chaiwala of Pakistan made headlines when his photograph of making tea at his stall went viral on the social media. He was invited for a show called ‘Good Morning Pakistan’ and was given a makeover. As expected, the photos from the show made it online and people can’t stop talking about them. And soon, he started receiving modelling contracts for his looks. He is a hot model now.


4. Sarah Seawright

Sarah Seawright was a ‘mugshot’ prisoner who became hit for good looks. Her fans gave her the name ‘Prison Bae’.


5. Pietro Boselli

Pietro Boselli was a math teacher who became famous on the Internet when one of his students clicked his picture while he was giving a lecture. He had a very successful modelling career and became the hottest math teacher alive on the planet.


6. Zeddie Little

Ziddie Little became famous after a picture of him went viral on the Internet. He was running a marathon while someone clicked a random photo of him and posted on the Internet. And within no time, he became an internet sensation and stole every girl’s heart. He is also known as the ‘religiously photogenic guy’.


7. Omar Borkan Al Gala

Omar Borkan Al Gala has a very unique and interesting story. He was deported from Saudi Arabia because of having amazing looks. No wonder, he became an internet sensation because of the same reason.


8. Irvin Randle

Irvin Randle is an American teacher and fashion model. He became famous when photos from his personal social media account went viral. On the internet he’s known for his stylish pictures, which earned him the title ‘Mr Steal Your Grandma’.


9. Jeremy Meeks

Jeremy Meeks was popularly known as the ‘Mugshot Guy’. He was arrested and was sentenced to two years in prison. However, fate has it that his stunning pictures became viral and soon he became so famous on the Internet. He is now a successful model, all thanks to the Internet.



Internet is a crazy place. It keeps popping up hot guys and girls from here and there and from time to time. What do you say?