People In Lucknow Are Volunteering To Be Locked Up In Police Custody For This Bizarre Reason

8:30 am 4 Sep, 2018


Have you ever heard anywhere in the world where people who are not criminals are ready to be locked up in police custody? Well, in what is seen as a bizarre case, it seems many people in Uttar Pradesh’s Lucknow are volunteering to spend or be locked up for a day or two in police custody.

Do you know the reason why? Well, this is fueled by nothing other than superstitions!



It is said that, according to astrological beliefs, people who have bandhan yog in their horoscopes will face trouble in the future.

So to neutralize this threat, astrologers advise such people to stay in prison or get locked up for a day or two. It is believed that doing this will put an end to their troubles. Sounds bizarre, right?


People in Lucknow volunteering to be locked up in jail

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However, what is surprising and shocking is that it seems the administration is helping all such people by facilitating their stay. WTF, isn’t it?

According to a Times of India report, Lucknow DM Kaushal Raj Sharma said that his office receives around two dozen such requests every year and “applicants urge the administration to allow them to spend time in ‘jail’ for 24-48 hours.”

Though only a court can pronounce a jail sentence, it is said that those making such requests are allowed to spend time in lock-up.



The report also quoted a district administration official who said:

“There is no legal provision that allows us to lodge a person without any criminal record in lock-up, but permit persons with such requests on religious grounds. To ensure that the purpose of going to ‘jail’ (read lock-up) is purely religious, the permission is given after thorough verification in which crucial documents, including the Kundali of the applicant, are checked.”


Meanwhile, it is said that tackling bandhan yog through such ways isn’t a new trend and that people have been doing it for years.